Wiish Features

You're in control

Verified profiles of members and ratings mean you know exactly who you are traveling with.

Carpool with confidence

Verification of Government IDs adds another level of security.You know you are safe.

Anywhere, anytime

No need to wait for buses, avail multiple means of transport or battle the crazy crowd in metros. Catch a ride near you.

Low-cost convenience

Get a ride with a professional than a driver at economyprices every day.

App Features

Get instant ride

Enjoy real time ride with buddies.

Create Groups

Create custom groups for friends and office colleagues

Add your Vehicle

Offer a ride on your next long journey

Pay by Ginis

Click "Ginis" Icon to pay and complete your ride.


Know Exactly who you're travelling with

Get in touch

Send help request to your contacts anytime.

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Since it's Launch Jan 2018

Why Wiish

No Standing busses

There's no guarantee of a seat in a bus ride, They are mostly without AC's and overcrowded at peak hours. With Wiish on your mobile traveling becomes easy.

No waiting for Metro !

There's a queue everywhere, be it in recharging the card or passing through the security check. There's limited waiting time and less harassment in Wiish.

Comfort in Wiish !

Vehicles in Wiish are owned by private owners, which means they are well maintained and high on comfort.

100% secure carpooling app with only verified people.

Car almost at the same cost of bus or metro

Amazing features which makes your lives much easier.

No need to carry cash.

Want to earn some money for the route you would drive anyway? You wish you had Wiish before.

How it work

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