Why we choose carpooling?

The Gurgaon-Delhi expressway is the busiest inter-city route in India and handles more than 180,000 vehicles daily and the same number of cars pass through the Noida DND every day.

What if we have a fewer number of cars on road? What would be the scenario? The answer is hidden in a question. What is NCR'S worst nightmare? Pollution!!!

As we can now perceive it is high time that we take some action to curb it. Delhi has become a gas chamber. Breathing in this air is similar to smoking 100 cigarettes a day. The Air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi is far ahead than the danger mark. All this is a cause for concern. One effective way of battling the ill effects of pollution is carpooling. It is a viable option to reduce the number of cars on road.

Energy is the most valuable commodity on this earth. It is not for nothing that wars are waged every day in the name of fuel. Until the time a sustainable and cost-effective energy alternative is found, fuel is going to steep exponentially. But fuel is a non-renewable source of energy. And that's why it needs to be conserved.

A study conducted on the route from Vasant Kunj B-11 to Connaught Place over a period of 6 years has seen 166% rise in time on the road. The increase in the traffic snarls because of the spike in the number of vehicles on the road has forced several commuters to spend twice as much time on the roads.

Wiish, the carpooling app addresses these problems.Wiish is more efficient because

It confronts an urgent need in India

It is a scalable and profit-oriented project

Benefits of Wiish App!

Adjustable Timings

There are no set particular hours. Wiish users can choose when they leave home or office. They may work in day shifts or during the night. They can set a standard departure time or may set it in realtime, impromptu.

No conditions

As we have said that Wiish is not only for commercial vehicles, there is no coercion on when anybody would like to use our service. Users can use it every day on their way to the office or use it only for long distances. The choice is open to everyone.

Accept or decline

Users can choose who they want to ride with. Users can accept the invitation or deny a ride offer. They can invite Wiish members to share a ride or accept invitations from friends they prefer.

Instant notifications on the mobile

The mobile app works in sync with the user’s online Wiish account and it allows them to set up a ride while on the move. Others on way get notified on the mobile app or via SMS for important ride-related alerts. This is done by tracking their location. However, users may choose to turn off the notifications/SMS that will be sent to their mobile phone.

Verified users

At Wiish we follow a 3-tier verification approach. Each member can verify themselves with their Corporate E-mail address, a Government-approved ID document, and their mobile number. The verification status of a member is visible to the entire community at all times so that the one offering the ride can choose to ride with 'trustworthy' people.

100% fuel cost savings

This is very interesting. Use Wiish more to save more. You earn tokens when you offer rides to people. You spend tokens as a passenger. With the right ratio of “car-owner” and “passenger” modes over a month, you can reduce your monthly fuel costs to ZERO.